Isnin, 12 Februari 2018

Hallowww 2018

Hey, It's been a looooong hiatus again and again....and wallah!
2018 sudah!

2017, what I have achieved so far,,,,😏hmm ape ye?

1. Mihkael is standard 1 last year! Ya Ampun...I am super duper bz, n Qaseh is 5 years n die kat kindy
2. 1 run (JKR Run) yeeehuuu
3. Konsert UNGU AFGHAN youollllssss

Kerja? I trust in Allah will give me more and better , unfortunately, the time has not come yet.

I am glad ALL my friends got a promotion & gaji yang melimpah ruah...Alhamdulillah...

Me? how devoted I am to the company, I still stuck at my position. ALhamdulillah, masih punya pekerjaan dan I am sure Allah has a better plan.

Mr Derek is leaving us and as I said that we will be an ANSELL team.

I really hope this year will be much much me, husband, kids, n my family.